Grass-fed beef at the Manitou

40 pound box of mixed cuts for $440. Order via email at craigdonavinanderson@gmail.comWe are now also taking orders by the cut, minimum order of $150. Please email if you would like our price list.

In 2019 we entered into the grass-fed beef cattle business, and are trying to do so in the most sustainable fashion possible. Our property has been used to raise cattle for decades, and we are putting a spin on this which suits our needs. Rather than maintaining a herd year-round and producing our own calves, we are instead purchasing yearling cows in the spring from the local auction house, feeding those animals only grass from our pastures through the summer and fall, and then selling the beef directly to consumers at the end of the fall season. This allows us to produce high quality beef but without having to be on site throughout the winter or to maintain all the infrastructure needed for a year-round operation. Our 10 cattle for 2019 came from from three different local farms in western Quebec and eastern Ontario (our 2019 cattle are pictured above).

We are selling our beef by the 40 pound box, which is a bit less than 1/8 of the meat from a full steer. Each box will contain a proportional amount of the cuts that would be found in a whole animal, which should work out to something like 18 pounds of ground beef, 8 pounds of steaks, and 15 pounds of other cuts (e.g., ribs, stewing meat, roasts, shank). All of the meat is frozen in roughly one pound packages, each vacuum packed and labeled. If you haven’t had grass-fed beef in the past, it is a bit leaner than conventionally raised beef, and has an excellent distinctive taste.

In selling our beef we are able to roughly match the price that you’d find at the grocery store for conventional feedlot beef. For this price you are getting locally, ethically and sustainably raised grass-fed beef that hasn’t been treated with antibiotics or hormones. Our price for a box of mixed cuts is $11 per pound, putting the total price for a 40 pound box at $440. As mentioned at the top, we are also now selling beef by the individual cut.

We are hoping that most people will be able to come to pick up their meat at our city place in Sandy Hill, which is very close to downtown and the 417 highway. As I often work from home, pickup times are usually easy to arrange. If you are interested in buying but cannot come to pick it up during that time (or at all), please get in touch with me to discuss options.

If you are wondering how much space this much meat occupies, each 40 pound box of beef should fill just over one cubic foot in your freezer. For reference, a typical full sized fridge/freezer combo would have 12-18 cubic feet in the fridge portion, and 2-5 cubic feet of freezer. A big chest freezer can be 15 cubic feet or more and can hold an entire beef of 400 pounds of meat.

The boxes of beef mentioned above will include only the ‘typical’ cuts of beef. It is also possible to get some of the other parts of the cow that aren’t so commonly consumed, including heart, kidney, liver, oxtail, and tongue. These are available by the cut.

If you would like to place an order for beef or have any questions about our beef or the farm, you can reach me at We can accept cash, cheque, or e-transfer to the email address above.

Farmer and daughter inspecting the fields.
In years past, our fields have been cut for hay by one of the neighbors who maintains a herd year-round.