Our off-grid home has amazing winter views that bring the outside in while also staying warm and cozy.

The biggest part of my consulting work is advising people on building new homes in rural areas. For someone coming from the city, or someone that hasn’t worked with custom home building before, the amount of decisions, requirements, steps, tradespeople and more can be overwhelming. Sometimes it is helpful to have an advisor that doesn’t have a vested interest in selling you something. That guidance is what I provide, on any and all steps of building and living in a new rural home. Do you need help evaluating a property you are considering purchasing? Figuring out all the steps required to bring in a variety of contractors to work at your site? Determining whether the quotes you’ve been receiving are reasonable? Designing your home and homestead so that it will be a wonderful place to live? Or perhaps you could use my special set of knowledge in building and living off the grid with solar panels and batteries.

My strengths lie in having a breadth of knowledge and figuring out the big picture of how all the parts fit together. So while I am not an architect or tradesman, I can help you to see who else you need to bring into your team, and to integrate all of the parts into a cohesive whole. For some projects, the amount of help you need may only be a single meeting to discuss a few particular points or problems, while for others I could be there to help you all along the way from the start to the finish of your home. I’d love to help you to build a home that we’ve enjoyed as much as our off-grid home in Low.

A partial list of the domains that I can advise on include:

  • Property evaluation and purchase – Finding the right property for you, and making sure that it will meet your needs
  • On a larger property – Finding the right building site, constructing and maintaining long driveways, etc.
  • Green building design – Building beautiful homes with more insulation, better air tightness, durable and sustainable materials
  • Utilities
    • Electricity – Bringing power lines back to a remote site, or building an off-grid power solution. Backup power with generators.
    • Water supply – Wells and other home water systems. Septic system construction and siting
    • Heating – Appropriately sized heating systems. Usually powered by electricity, wood or propane at rural sites.
  • Integrating the active and passive systems in the home
  • Homestead design – Adding outbuildings, livestock, gardens, orchards, etc. I’ve learned a lot from building up and running Ferme L’eau du ruisseau.
  • Resiliency – Make sure that your home and the lifestyle you have there are going to be stable in the face of the inevitable challenges that will arise.

If you’d like to reach me to discuss your building project, or some of my other work, you can reach me at:

Craig Anderson