A new year, and coming back to Sunshine Saved…

As I write this, it is mid-January 2024. Sunshine Saved has been quite neglected for the last couple of years. Writing the kind of posts and articles that I do here had been pushed to the side by the pressures of raising 3 little kids and starting our direct-market ecologically minded farm, Ferme L’eau du ruisseau. But now I find myself in a place where my time is beginning to open up again – the kids are a bit older, the pandemic is fully in the rear-view mirror, and my business partner Paul at the farm has been able to take over many of my day-to-day tasks there. It is time to come back to Sunshine Saved. I have a few things that I plan to really focus on in the next year or so:

  • Doing more rural building/off-grid consulting work. I work with a couple clients per year on their rural builds, and find it is really rewarding to help others to realize their dream homes and homesteads.
  • Forest management. One of the very best things that an individual landowner can do is to take good care of their forests. Yes, our forest would get by fine without me, but there is a lot that we can do to protect and encourage biodiversity, sequester more carbon, and get some useful human products too. First up is working with a professional forester on a revamped management plan for our farms, and then it will be time to get out there to do some work in the woods. I’ll chronicle as much of that as possible here.
  • Bringing research/education/communication about the interface between nature, land management, rural economies and development to our farm. Nature can’t just be something ‘out there’, we need to stay connected to it. We would like to do more workshops, classes, research projects and more at the farm. We are in early talks with research and educational partners, and we’ll see what collaborations we can put together.

My girls picking some apples at the farm in the summer of 2023.