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Sunshine Saved is a site for exploring ideas related to living in balance with the environment. This is something that can be difficult to manage in our modern world when we have the many human needs, for shelter, transportation, food, services and more. While we may not be able to achieve perfection there is so much that we can do to improve upon the status quo.

As I live in the greater Ottawa/Gatineau region in eastern Canada, I tend to focus on our local situation, with its own special problems and opportunities. In 2013, my family built a wonderful off-grid house in the Gatineau Hills, and we’ve had a great time learning all about the benefits and challenges of country living on a tight energy budget. Since 2020, I’ve managed and run a direct-market diversified farm, Ferme L’eau du ruisseau. Through a lot of research, experience, and my fair share of mistakes, I’ve learned a great deal about best practices for living and working out here in the country – and I want to share that knowledge with you. Navigate through the site, and hopefully you will find something interesting that will help you with your own endeavours – see the menu above or some quicklinks below.

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Sitemap/About this site

Sunshine Saved is a site dedicated to sustainability, and the actions that we can take to promote it. We believe that it is possible to maintain modern lifestyles with a high standard of living for the long term, without destroying human health or natural ecosystems. Not to say that this will be an easy or painless transition from our current (and problematic) ways, but now is the time that action is desperately needed. If we succeed, we can create a world that is better for people as well as the planet.

There are two massive ecological problems facing humanity in the early 21st century, and how we deal with them over the next few decades has huge implications for the livability of the world that we will pass to our children. The first threat is global climate change, caused primarily by man-made greenhouse gas emissions. The second is the ongoing damage to ecosystems and extinctions of species all around the world, caused largely by humans pushing into and exploiting all corners of our planet. These two issues are intertwined in both their causes as well as their solutions, and it is these solutions that Sunshine Saved is working to enact, through education, analysis, advocacy, and trying to lead by example.


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